Posted 2 hours ago

Colored up that doodle of Ronan sleeping in the tub.

Posted 1 day ago

I stayed up to finish it /sob

Posted 1 day ago

The drawing I whipped up during the stream. I’ll finish it up at some point.

Thanks to those of you who came by to watch!

Posted 1 day ago

Some doodles for zombie chick mentioned in the same post as shark dude.

Name is Zinaida. Shark dude’s is Ronan.

Posted 2 days ago

A little doodle of the shark dude I mention in this post.

He sleeps on his belly with his eyes open.

Posted 3 days ago

Completed commission plus a detail to see some of the subtle texture work.

Posted 4 days ago

A little while back, pwyllarcher and britterschu decided that for one episode, our Reverse Harem guys would end up with magical familiar critters. Tough Guy ended up with a sugar glider… or two.

Posted 4 days ago

I haven’t drawn a lot for myself lately. So I’ve defaulted to Bea as usual.

Posted 4 days ago

Prob the last WIP of this commission I’ll share until it’s done.

Posted 5 days ago

Arthur and Merlin are a little concerned about Detective Stabler.