Posted 2 days ago

Page of penguins.

Posted 3 days ago

Uuuug these two.

It’s hard to believe their four year anniversary is next week.

Posted 4 days ago

I wanted to post these here as well. I whipped up some stickers to hand out along side my bucket-of-chicken!Scout cosplay while at Otakon.

If you happen to see me around on Friday night, you might be able to get one! There’s a limited number of them, however, so best of luck!

Posted 4 days ago

I cannot draw that anime stuff very well. And I have a difficult time getting myself to draw anime characters in my own style without attempting anime.

By the way, if you guys aren’t watching Haikyu(u) then by all means please get on that! If you like Eyeshield 21 or maybe Tsuritama, then you might like Haikyu. Great endearing characters and plenty of heartwarming moments. Not quite as comical as Eyeshield 21 but the comedy it has is more relatable/realistic (if that makes sense).

Sports anime are severely underrated if you ask me.

Posted 5 days ago

Some venting art.

Preston is probably doing something embarrassing and Colton just can’t.

Posted 5 days ago

Got my Conquistador Fried Giblets logo to a satisfying state of completion. I’ll still have to experiment with what size to print it at to fit my bucket but those results will be posted when I next update my WIP of the bucket.

In the meantime, feel free to save this image and use it. However, please source if you use it or share it. That’s all I ask. The top one is smaller and the bottom, in theory, is the size I originally worked in. Just right click, view image to see it at its full size.

Posted 1 week ago

A couple of OC paper children commissions for shadowpelt on deviantArt.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Paid for my Anime Matsuri 2015 table today! Hope to see you guys there!

Posted 2 weeks ago

I’ve been busy but this should be the last drawing tonight.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Wip of a couple of commissioned paper children. Trying to catch up on some long awaited commissions for very patient commissioners.