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fay-tallety commissioned a sketch card of herself being smacked in the face with a dildo. Believe me she’s asked me to draw weirder things.

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Oni-Con 2014

Just got table assignments for Oni-con!

You can find me at table AA4, right at the bottom of the escalators/across from the food vendor!

Definitely come by and see me!

(still no word on whether or not my Night Vale panel(s) was accepted)

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So long story short, I was among many of those employed by my office that was laid off today. I’m already being proactive about finding a new job, but in the meantime I still have rent, a car payment, gas, groceries, loans, and utilities to be paying.

It helps tremendously when anyone commissions me or buys something from my shop. Or even when they signal boost me in times of great need.

There’s hardly a thing I won’t draw or at least attempt to draw!

And if you’re kind enough to simply wish to donate, I’m willing to do at least a sketch request because I feel bad otherwise.

I appreciate all considerations from everyone!

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OOC: Edgar as seen here because I could.

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Heads up, zombie, horror, and Halloween fans!

I’ll have a table at the Houston Halloween Fest & Horror Con sponsored by the Houston Zombie Walk! The event takes place Oct 19 at Minute Maid Park from noon till 9 pm!

Swing by for flower crowns, prints, and commissions!

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A wip of another of the parlor rats.

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And now the rat paperchildren! As with the corgis and cats, the rats’ arm is cut so that they can act as bookmarks.

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Some cat paperchildren similar to the corgi ones I’ve done. Prints will be available at Oni-con and on.

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Do you have any tips on traditional coloring? Or any tutorials we could check out? Love your work please keep it up!
Anonymous asked

Oi okay so this very kind and sweet anon has asked a big question. And I think it’s kind of amusing that you ask about traditional coloring, Anon, considering how little I work in traditional materials outside of paper children anymore. I hope you’re prepared for probably more information than you could ever know what to do with because gosh I love to talk about this sort of stuff.

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I will get to you later today. I’ve got to go to work now and I don’t have the time to properly go over a response for you but expect it this evening!